Long Trip Home
Isabelle has become Troy's drug of choice; Troy knows this is an addiction he must break, but it's not easy. Troy and Isabelle's friendship...
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Changing Tides
A young Super Model named Jono is at the top of her game, but miserable. While on a shoot in Hawaii she nearly drowns, saved...
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E.A.P. The Untold Story
Did Elvis Presley die on August 17th 1977? Many people don't believe he did. Someone knows the truth. This is the untold story of...
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Changing Tides, A Contemporary Romance

Sometimes in Life, You Just Have to Take a Chance

A young Super Model named Jono is at the top of her game, but miserable. While on a shoot in Hawaii she nearly drowns, saved by a wayward sole who has stepped out of life. Mike has no choice, if he doesn’t take action this stranger will die. The next day Mike finds himself in jail and Jono is in the hospital, neither knowing of each other.


Long Trip Home, a Contemporary Romance Novel that is not so Contemporary

You are put into a position that makes you feel uncomfortable, but strangely you are more and more interested. How far will you take it, knowing that in the end, you might risk everything you ever cared about, everything you are?

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About Dutch Jones

Dutch Jones~ Author. The epitome of a Storyteller. He writes primarily Contemporary Romance, Thrillers, and Humor. Currently four novels published, Long Trip Home; E.A.P. The Untold Story, Changing Tides & Rose. Actually Rose will be coming out by the end of the year. The common thread from all the reviews: “I couldn’t put it down.” and “This should be a movie!” When asked why Contemporary Romance, “I love stories with compelling and interesting every day people, who somehow end up in romantic situations that in some cases change their lives. It’s fun.” On track to become a best selling author, when asked why do you write? Dutch’s response: “I write to entertain, if I entertain you, I’ve done my job.”

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Dutch I am… Sort Of

Many people ask me where my name Dutch (Jones) came from. Most realize I wasn’t born with the name Dutch, although that would have been

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It Was A Long Trip!

Writing Long Trip Home was a fascinating process for me. The story idea came to me when I was in my early 20’s, so like ten years

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