Dutch I am… Sort Of

Many people ask me where my name Dutch (Jones) came from. Most realize I wasn’t born with the name Dutch, although that would have been cool. It happened a long time ago, in a far away place… actually New Jersey. I was stationed at Fort Dix for my basic training for the Army, I was […]

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It Was A Long Trip!

Writing Long Trip Home was a fascinating process for me. The story idea came to me when I was in my early 20’s, so like ten years ago, uh hum. I had this awesome idea, I quickly wrote down some of the main points and a rough outline of the two main characters; one I knew was

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Lifer Elvis Fan

I just recently finished my newest novel, E.A.P. The Untold Story. I started thinking about the story the other day, what it means to me, and why I wrote it. E.A.P. are Elvis (Aaron) Presley’s initials; I have been an Elvis fan since I can remember. I had all of his albums and watched all of his

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