Changing Tides, A New Novel

Wow, Where’d That Come From?

I can’t say for sure what happened. I just finished E.A.P. The Untold Story, a novel that explains what actually happened to Elvis Presley, you know, if he really died on August 16th 1977 or not. Not a week went by and a story that I’ve had an idea for popped back up in my mind. I hadn’t even started editing EAP yet. I usually need at least a six month break, but I was overcome, I had to start writing.

The stranger part is Changing Tides is a bit of a departure for me. I mean, I have some romance hanging around in most of my stories but Changing Tides is a Romance. Not to be mistaken with an Erotic Romance, more of a Modern Contemporary Romance. When ‘they’ walk into the bedroom, the romance stops at the door.

It’s not the longest novel I’ve ever written, it will end up around 200 pages or so, but it packs a punch. Basically a young Super Model named Jono is at the top of her game, but miserable. While on a shoot in Hawaii she nearly drowns, saved by a wayward sole who has stepped out of life. Mike has no choice, if he doesn’t take action this stranger will die. The next day Mike finds himself in jail and Jono is in the hospital, neither knowing of each other.

It becomes Jono’s obsession to find her hero and repay him for saving her life. Mike doesn’t want to be found. Jono comes from less than nothing, she’s a fighter, a rebel. Being rich turns her into a mean nasty demanding… well you know.

What, when, where and how is the sum total of Changing Tides.

I finished the first draft in three weeks, whew! I pretty much never looked up, if you know what I mean. Now in editing, hope to release by the years end. I really hope you check it out, and I really hope you like it. One thing about me, if you didn’t already know… is I write for me. If I’m entertained I think you’ll be entertained. That is Always my goal.

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To your Success!