It Was A Long Trip!

Writing Long Trip Home was a fascinating process for me. The story idea came to me when I was in my early 20’s, so like ten years ago, uh hum. I had this awesome idea, I quickly wrote down some of the main points and a rough outline of the two main characters; one I knew was going to be a female rock star, the other an all around good guy, married with kids. I wanted to write this right then, but I was missing one key component; I needed my two main guys, now Troy & Izy to be forced into a situation where they would have to spend a lot of time together with no distractions. I had nothing. I had ideas, but nothing really fit, it was very frustrating. I had the end, well, I really had about three different endings, I had the middle, I had most of the supporting cast, I didn’t have the connection. I shelved it.

Fast forward to November 2013. I was sitting around a table with 5 other guys enjoying a beer and talking hockey while our sons were on the ice working out. One of the guys, a high level securities expert, travels all over the world for his work and had just gotten back from somewhere in the Middle East.  He was telling us how horrible the trip was and his exploits just to get home. His return trip, for all kinds of crazy reasons, took him over 30 hours. Just enough for me. I got my connection.

Mena Suvari hanging with Dutch in LA

I actually got up from the table that second and ran out to my car, where I always keep a note pad, and wrote out a rough couple of paragraphs, filling in long lost gaps. It was such an amazing feeling. Six weeks later Long Trip Home was done, also an amazing feeling. It took nearly thirty years for life / technology / modernization to catch up with my story. Wow. And as usual for me, not so sure about other writers, the story once I sat down to actually write it, became a completely different animal than my original concept. But to me that’s the best part of writing, fiction that is, it’s an opportunity to open up your mind and let your story run free. It does something to me every time.

If you haven’t read it yet you should. It’s very entertaining, lots of twists, some romance, some excitement, and for most, a great ending. It’s one mans journey of self discovery. Oh and ‘On-Sale’ right now at Amazon, only $9.99 a great price for an E Ticket, awe man, am I aging myself again?!

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