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When In Series:

When in Los Angeles (Explore a World of Adventure)

The City of Angles. The place where Micky was born! So much to see and do! This book will guide you through the craziness that is Los Angeles. Best Restaurants, Best Beaches, the most important things you need to do & see. An invaluable tool to have when visiting LA.

When in Washington DC

Your Ultimate Handbook to Washington DC

Going to Washington? Make sure you take this guide with you. There’s just to much to see and do without some help! Sites, Restaurants, Things to Do and much more. Make your experience the Best possible by using When in Washington DC.

When in San Francisco

Travel Guide for San Francisco

The City of Everything and Everyone; San Francisco offers you numerous opportunities to touch and hop beyond the horizon. With an extra-luxurious lifestyle, the city welcomes every visitor with love and friendliness!

When in New York

Experience the City to the Fullest

Going to New York? The city that never sleeps! Make sure you take this guide with you. There are just to many things to see and do without some help! Learn where to go, what to see and what not to miss! The guide is full of suggestions that will make your visit to New York the best. Have a blast!