Long Trip Home (Contemporary Romance)

Long Trip Home, a Contemporary Romance Novel that is not so Contemporary

You are put into a position that makes you feel uncomfortable, but strangely you are more and more interested. How far will you take it, knowing that in the end, you might risk everything you ever cared about, everything you are?

Changing Tides

Sometimes in Life, You Just Have to Take a Chance

A young Super Model named Jono is at the top of her game, but miserable. While on a shoot in Hawaii she nearly drowns, saved by a wayward sole who has stepped out of life. Mike has no choice, if he doesn’t take action this stranger will die. The next day Mike finds himself in jail and Jono is in the hospital, neither knowing of each other.

E.A.P. The Untold Story

E.A.P. – The Untold Story takes you to a place many hope is true. Did Elvis Presley die that August day in 1977?

Through the experiences of a lifelong fan of Elvis Presley, Aaron, 16, lives the real story. Aaron who a few years earlier lost his father to cancer, lives and works on the family farm with his Mom in rural Tennessee. While out doing one of his favorite things…..

Rock & Ice, Love at 18 Degrees

Rock & Ice is scheduled to be released May 1st, 2015!

Okay, let’s say you’re a big time rock star, known the world over. Let’s also say you love to play hockey and have since you were six years old. But as a celebrity you can’t play without being mobbed and increasing the danger to your safety. So the only way for you to play the sport you love so much is to play incognito, become a different person. Now let’s say……

Rose, Life Begins at 81

Not too many people get a second chance at life, especially at 81. Rose is the exception.

Rose is a special story. At eighty-one years old, Rose starts her life over. For decades she is alone with no one, just a handful of friends who are passing away too fast. Rose only knows of one living relative, Marie her niece, who Rose hasn’t seen for nearly forty years…..