Oscar After Party – Huge Success!

If you follow me at all you know I was invited to an Oscar After Party, “Salute to the Stars”, at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Thank you to Kathy Brown for the introductions and to Bob Hellman the host! It was a night of stars! The rain stopped, the clouds parted and the stars came out. The event was put together to raise money for a great cause, The Actors Fund. I hope they raised a lot of money and awareness.

The 2014 Oscar Awards was all it is meant to be, but it’s the after parties that garnish the most attention of the celebrity. Going to one of these events for the first time was the total experience. Because of my new novel, ‘Long Trip Home’ I was invited to go and had the opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the movers and shakers in Hollywood. It was hard work and fun, but mostly entertaining. Crazy… yes. But I met some very cool people and the celebrities were approachable and very excited for me and my novel.

The night started with the opportunity to walk the ‘Red’ carpet, standard Hollywood thing on this night. The party was broken down into three main areas; the VIP room, where you can guess VIP’s were treated to a pre-party drink and mingling. I hung out in that room a great deal. Then the main party which was on the top floor of the W Hotel (Hollywood &  Vine). Up there the party was half in half out. In, was a night club atmosphere with a live rock band and several local TV stations interviewing key people as they came into the event. Out was around the pool. Cabana’s, live music, artists of all kinds, bars, and models and stars and movie moguls and… whew! Over 1000 people! In fact for a little while the Fire Marshal stopped letting people in, sorry Billy Ray! He eventually got in.